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  Shandong Fengyuan Chemical Stock Co.,Ltd. logged on April 18,2008.The company's predecessor is Zaozhuang Fengyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd. and came into existence on August,2000.It's a self-export joint-stock company.T,Fengyuan company is in the forefront of the domestic oxalic acid manufacturing industry.
Over the past few years,facing of rapidly changing market environment,Fengyuan company constant adjusts the industrial chain and progressively realizes the changes from the basic chemical technology to the high content of chemicals. Now the company has came into being the economic cycle industrial chain'coal-synthesis ammonia-nitric acid-oxalic acid-refine oxalic acid-electronic Chemicals,Company's Product structure was further optimized, and the scale was further expanding.
Quantity is the life of Fengyuan company.From the beginning of the establishment, company has formed a sound system of quality assurance and quality assessment system,It organizes the manufacture with a high standard of both home and abroad and has got the international certificate of ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,GB/T18001-2001,the company was also awarded "Four High Industry" and "Honest Industry" etc. Moreover, we are titled as "Labor prized enterprise for making people rich and helping Shangdong getting deveelopment" and "national business star".
Since many years,Fengyuan company has been adhering to the way of introduction of absorption and self-development for enhancing capacity of product development. Through training technical personnel,we established an efficient,high-quality product developing team.After the phases of introduction, digestion,absorption,and the joint development, we have formatted a more complete product line-refined oxalic acid.
Through the way of changing management, process reengineering,enterprise culture remodeling,and other measures,we will bbe changed into a market-oriented enterprise with innovative as the center. Fengyuan based on optimizing the industrial structure as a driving force to technical innovation.We consider"Pursue Excellence,Strive NO.1"as our Core Value.Not only to become the country's first-class enterprises,and will conform to the trend of global economic,ranks among the world's leading chemical industry,we will do our efforts to the China's economic growth!